Stacks page

What you need to use this project file

Basic setup

Like any other project file that you will find on Foundation Box, this project relies on the Mac app Rapidweaver 8 and the plugin Stacks 4. Make sure you are familiar with those tools before you purchase this project file.

 Rapidweaver 8 by Realmac software - Visit website

 Stacks 4 by Yourhead software - Visit website

Necessary stacks

This project is entirely built with Foundation 6 stacks, the most flexible and powerful website building tool for Rapidweaver. Some sections use some optional stacks to enhance their impact. In case you don't have those extra stacks, a version built with F6 is provided inside the project file.

 Foundation 6 stacks by Weavers Space - Visit website

 Pen stacks by Weavers Space (Free stack)- Visit website

Optional stacks

The optional stacks used in this project will help you reach a more refined look and delightful animations. If you don't want to use these stacks, you will find an alternative version in the project built with F6 stacks only.

 Impact stack by Weavers Space - Check it out
Used for the subtle animation effect of the header in the home page.

 Moving Box 2 stack by Weavers Space - Check it out
Used for the subtle animation effect of sliders.

 Post Office stack by Weavers Space - Check it out
Used to automatically manage newsletter subscription

 Scroll mate 2 (Free stack) by Big White Duck - Check it out
Used in the image scene animation in the home page

Faroe Pro - TCMS

Faroe Pro comes with a fully designed Admin area integrated beautifully in the project file. If you are building websites for clients, Faroe Pro is the perfect option for you. Manage the full content of the page with TCMS, which includes text, images, contact information, auto-responses, etc. TCMS license not included

 Total CMS stack by Weavers Space - Check it out