Built with Foundation 6

The Faroe project file uses the power of Foundation 6 stacks for Rapidweaver. In addition to F6 stacks some optional stacks are used, check the list of stacks used in this project. In case you don't have those optional stacks, you will find an alternative layout built with F6.

Font awesome 5

Faroe project uses the new Font Awesome 5 Pro icons, use them freely in any website you build with Foundation 6. Beautiful and elegant icons, sharp at any screen size.

TCMS Integration

Faroe Pro ships with a Total CMS integration. TCMS is the most powerful and flexible CMS for Rapidweaver. Use the admin area to manage Faroe without even opening Rapidweaver. Visit the Faroe project admin area.
TCMS license not included. More details and pricing at the Weavers Space website.

Powerful and Intuitive blogging system

TCMS blog is the most powerful CMS solution for Rapidweaver. Faroe Pro comes with a ready to use blogging system. Intuitive and straightforward to use and fully customizable to your needs.

Contact form

Use a beautiful form set to send automatic confirmation emails to both the user and the admin. From the TCMS admin area you will be able to edit both auto-responses, the email where to receive the inquiries as well as the entire content of this page.

TCMS Admin area

The admin area is effortless and intuitive to use. Visit the live preview and check the following gallery for more details. The admin area is provided only with the Faroe Pro version.